Monday, June 4, 2012

My WordPress Blog

I decided to change to WordPress because the formatting is better than blogger.  I won't put any more posts here, but I will continue A Girl's Creative Doings at my new blog and transfer my old posts to there. Here is my new blog.

-Katie Ann

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Gift #3

My Mother's Day Gift #3 is tissue paper flowers.


  • 5 by5 inch tissue paper
  • jar, can, or vase
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • pipe cleaners

  1. Tie the ribbon to the jar.

2.  Next, pinch the middle of the tissue paper.

3. Twist the part you pinched.

4. Then take the part you twisted and put it on a pipe cleaner and twist the pipe cleaner over it.

5. Next fluff the flowers.

                                        Then you can twist flowers together to make a bundle.

                                                                  Here it is.  :)

                                  Now here is my Mother's day project spot with all it's creations.

That is my last mother's day project, hope that special mom will love them.

-Katie Ann Huy

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift #2

Gift #2, for my Mother's day gift projects is a word mom's personality picture.

 The best way to make one is to brainstorm words first, then type them into the computer, and then scramble them up to make it look cool. :) Now here is mine, on my Mother's Day project spot.
-Katie Ann

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Gift #1

Gift #1, for my Mother's day gift projects is painted rocks. They are easy to make, look cute, and are a great decoration.

 All you do is get rocks or, like I did, make your own clay rocks so they can be any shape you want. Now here they are, on my Mother's Day project spot. :)

              - Katie Ann Huy

Saturday, April 7, 2012


What is Easter really about? 

I mean I've heard the story a million  times, I just don't get all fired up over Resurrection, I mean , he's God he can conquer death. But when I think about  Easter really hard, I get this picture:

A lord, savior, son of God,  dead.
All hope is lost, the disciples, oh man, for the disciples! The king and lord that they left their homes and risked their lives for - dead.
Mary, her son that she loved (though he wasn't hers), dead.
His enemies laughed. Wasn't he the one, that said he was, the Messiah? Then why is he dead? After three days, when everyone knew he was gone, nothing was left, dead.
Jesus emerged from the tomb, a mummy, all stinky and gross? No!
He burst out of the tomb proudly, making a huge scene? No!
Of course he came dressed as a farmer, humbly comforting his weeping mother and her friend (of the same name). The women ran to the disciples bringing the good news. then that very same night, the LORD Jesus Christ, showed himself to the disciples.
At this time Thomas, one of the disciples, was not there. But when he did arrive, the other disciples told him of their great kings return. But Thomas said,"Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my into His side, I will not believe." Then, all of the sudden, Jesus appeared to him and told him to do exactly what Thomas had said!
Then the mighty savior said a sentence that touches my heart, "Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believe. Blessed are those who have not seen Me and yet have believed." They saw him and believed, but those people who have not seen Jesus, are showing true faith.
Then after a time, the great, awesome, death conquering, savior, descended into heaven placing himself at the right hand of God.
I guess Easter is a really big thing! Jesus is alive! He lives! At the end of the chapter, he says he will return for us one day!

- Katie Ann Huy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pink Magnet Game

Today we had a family night.All the kids had to plan a part. 

Games- Timothy and Josiah

Activity- Katie Ann and Nathan

Lesson- Dad 

Snack- Mom and Maury

So anyway, I wanted to share the game I made up...

Pink Magnet Game


magnet (preferably one with a handle)
a bowl
blindfold (I used my scarf)
about 30 metal  clips(or anything you can find that is metal)
2 pink metal clips

  1. First put your pink metal items in the bowl.Then put the others on top, and mix.
  2. Whoever is going first, will use the magnet and try to get the pink metal clips while getting the least amount of normal ones.
  3. After the first person gets both pink clips, count however many normal clips they got.
  4.  After everyone takes their turn, whoever got the least amount of normal clips wins.

So now you can have your own game night!      

-Katie Ann Huy


Welcome to my brand new blog!!!

For school I am preparing a post everyday, and on the last day, I publish it!

Hope you enjoy the videos, crafts, reviews, and just thoughts.

 Katie Ann Huy